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Ever find yourself standing in the greeting card aisle of the neighborhood store, staring indecisively at your run-of-the-mill choices? There's a new card on the block for the shoe aficionado within all of us. Barbra Music, a commercial shoe designer and custom shoemaker, introduces a collection of award winning shoe inspired greeting cards (custom invitations are also available.)

The collection consists of greeting cards & small note card sets (w/envelopes) for momentous occasions, such as wedding & engagement, seasonal, birthday, get well, and everyday. Nearly all have witty idioms on the front, which make them even more fun. These delightful flirty designs are printed from the original collage art, and some from her shoe design portfolio. With a background in fabric design, costuming & sets, the group is a culmination of all.

The card designs range in detail, embellished with Swarovski crystals, vintage stones, metallic accents, glitter, and washes of paint.

You might also want to think about treating yourself, or someone dear to you, to a larger embellished print. They all come in mats, and if need be, framed. Sizes 8” x 10” (204 mm x 255 mm) & up.

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