Tuesday, June 16, 2015 - This summer the Stadtgalerie in Klagenfurt houses a unique exhibition for people who want to use all their senses to experience shoes. Not only the five common ones, but also the sixth sense, a more mysterious one, looking in the past and in the future. About 100 fascinating design and art objects show shoe, by around 80 artists and designers from Austria and around the world, in all their sense stimulating manifestations. This exhibition is a cooperation between Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt, Ponte Organisation für kulturelles Management GmbH and the Virtual Shoe Museum.
SHOEting Stars 5 Sinne & Mehr
SHOEting Stars 5 Sinne & Mehr

The objects in this exhibition celebrate our possibilities to detect stimuli. We can hear shoes before we see them. We can touch them and then we are lost, because we want to feel them on our own feet. Some shoes we can eat (when we see or feel shoes made of mouth-watering material) and other shoes do something to our noses. In many ways shoes can stimulate our senses and that is exactly what the promoters of this exhibition want us to experience.

The exhibited shoes have sprung from the creative power of designers, artists and architects. Most of their experimental shoe creations are one of a kind or have been produced in small series only, made out of high-tech or natural materials as wood, ceramics, paper, leather or fabric. The spectrum ranges from an architectonic approach through experiments with materials to the shoe as a fetish object. The manifold possibilities inherent in shoes as a creative medium are reflected not only in the shoes themselves but also in installations, photographs and videos, and include the positions of various Austrian artists and designers.

Liza Snook, curator of the Virtual Shoe Museum and composer of this exhibition says: ‘Shoes symbolize passion and sensuality. They can move you in different ways. They can inspire and impress you. Shoes can be your second skin and bring you in or out of balance. In the hands of designers, artists and architects these fashionable everyday objects turn into spectacular and unique sculpture. Wearable or unwearable; as an art object, as a fetish. I think shoes acquire an autonomous artistic statement beyond everyday use.’

The following artists, architects and designers are present in the exhibition:
ainsley-t (Stuart Thom), Mihai Albu, Irene Andessner, Amber Ambrose Aurèle, Ona B., Be&D, Neel Barten, Madeleine Berkhemer, Marloes ten Bhömer, Lisa Brumbauer , Aki Choklat, Erik Cox, Nienke van Dee, Esther Dorhout Mees, Chris van den Elzen, Mariana Fantich & Dominic Young, Alexander und Christian Fielden, Joyce de Gruiter, Zaha Hadid for United Nude, Katrien Herdewyn, Iris van Herpen x United Nude, Ivo Hofsté, Carolin Holzhuber, Ivanka Ska, INSA (Joe Insa), Jan Jansen, Hélène Jaspers, Freya Jobbins, Lauren Johnstone, Sharon Joosten, Birgit Jürgenssen, Kei Kagami, Kaarina Kaikkonen, Gudrun Kampl, Hetty Kelderman, Aleksandra Kielpinska, Kenneth Kirschner, Dora Kloppenburg, Rem D Koolhaas for United Nude, Youngwon Kim, Jochen Kronier, Tokio Kumagaï, Kobi Levi, Pinelopi Loizidou, Eelko Moorer, Krista van der Niet, Thuy Pham, Minna Parikka, Caro Peirs, Bart Persoons, Antoine Peters, Tea Petrovic, Asia Pietryk, Peter Popps, Elvira Rajek, Maurice Regnaut, Inge Helena Rietjens, Roswitha van Rijn, Svenja Ritter, Mandy Roos, Iris Schieferstein, Rose Sellery, Deborah Sengl, Neta Soreq, Jared Steffensen, Sanne Steijger, Liesel Swart, Mark Schwartz, Gianluca Tamburini, Bruno Tansens, Kermit Tesoro, Elisabeth Thorsen, Sergio Toro, Enikő Tóth-Kern, Anna Vasof, Joyce Verhagen, Ap Verheggen, Ilja Visser, Rhonda Voo, Julius Welby, Lie van der Werff, Matthias Winkler, Anuk Yosebashvili, Erwina Ziomkowska, Barbara Zucchi, Peter Zwaan.

The exhibition opens on the 26th of June and ends at October the 11th.
On the opening day the 25th of June 19.00 the admission is free.

SHOEting Stars 5 Sinne & Mehr
26 06 11 until 11 10 2015
Mag. Beatrix Obernosterer
Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt am Wörthersee
Theatergasse 4
9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

Photo: Cone by Peter Popps, photo by Tom ten Seldam and Cutlery by Lauren Johnstone.

Monday, June 08, 2015 - x-editions’ first publication 'Sneaks. Paris' was released on June 3rd, 2015. ‘Sneaks’ and x-editions are projects initiated by Dutch graphic designer, artist & craftsman Erik Cox.

32 pages self cover | 32 photo’s | no text
Size: 21 x 16 cm | 8.3″ x 6.3″
Print: full color offset
Print run: 500 copies, hand-numbered
Paper: Soporset offset 135 grs
Binding: staples in 5 colors
ISBN 978-90-823888-0-0

Price: € 8,95 (excluding shipping costs)

Sneaks.Paris can be purchased directly from x-editions by sending an e-mail to infoapestaartjex-editions.com

Available at Amazon.co.uk

For more information x-editions

Works by Eric Cox at the Virtual Shoe Museum.

Thursday, May 28, 2015 - On Saturday, June 6 the Fashion and Shoe Designing Academy of Fine Arts Department of Sint-Niklaas presents it's annual sensational and spectacular fashion show for the 19th time and the shoe show for the sixth time. For this presentation 't Bauhuis will be transformed into a show location.
June 6th Fashion and Shoe design show by SASK
June 6th Fashion and Shoe design show by SASK

The fashion and shoe designs of part-time education in Sint-Niklaas, Fashion Design department: led by Ellen Monstrey and assisted by Maureen Declercq and Chris Franssen and Shoe Design by Anne Poesen & Patrick Cremers has manifested itself for many years as a professional and very inspiring department looking far beyond the borders of Sint-Niklaas. What makes this program so special is that it is a part-time education program. The students combine this training with other part-time studies or with their full time or part time jobs. Motivation and enthusiasm is the driving force. For some people it means finally realizing their childhood dream. It requires huge commitment and only who is passionate enough gets to the finish line. Because the program sets its goals very, academic, high.

Focus on both fashion and shoe design on the design, structure, craft, form study , chart and study of historical and ethnic costumes. The programs of both directions are similar and personal vision and authenticity are encouraged from the first year.

The Shoe Design department was created out of passion for the craft. For shoe design there are 30 candidates. The show is the culmination of an academic year and gives students from the first year on a platform to show their work, their vision and creativity. That every year 1200 people, not just family and insiders, come to visit this show is the best form of appreciation for this department and it's students. So make sure you will also join this dazzling, exciting, inspiring show!

6th of June 2015
Academie Sint Niklaas
SASK Shoe design show 20.00, fashion show 21.00.
Tickets in advance 15 euro/at the door 17 euro

Location: 't Bauhuis, Slachthuisstraat 60, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

Registration for the course starts Saturday, June 27th at our open days on 27 and 28 June: SASK Boonhemstraat 1, 9100 Sint Niklaas, Belgium.

Previous articles about SASK and the shoe selection by students

Embracing Stripes by Bruno Tansens, graduation collection for the Academy of Fine Arts in Sint-Niklaas Belgium (SASK), 2014.

Sunday, May 17, 2015 - Elegnano offers elegant, exclusive women's shoes of the highest quality for women that are fashionable and graceful, but also know what they want in life. Elegnano lives by the motto: float like butterfly, sting like a bee.

Walking through life effortless and elegant, but strong and sharp at the same time. Elegnano wants every woman to move gracefully through life - like a fairy or a butterfly - without exchanging elegance and femininity for comfort and resilience. Technological innovation and modern design make this possible. Elegnano is literally, and figuratively a fusion of elegance and nanotechnology. The Italian craftmenship and high-tech innovation are brought together in unique designs. The design studio is based in Belgium. We pay a lot of attention to the right fit and materials of the shoes. Only top quality materials are personally selected with great care. The exclusive leather goods are handmade in the Marche in Italy, known worldwide for producing high quality footwear.

​ The contemporary and innovative nature of Elegnano is emphasized by the design and the use of modern technological developments. Nanotechnology is for example integrated at the level of leather technology to improve the quality, comfort and durability of the collections.

The designer Katrien Herdewyn
Her fascination for shoes started at a very young age: The four year old Katrien built a shoe shop in front of the garage and spent hours underneath tables in aisles to look at the shoes of people that walked by, without being distracted by anything above it. In 2010 she graduated as a civil engineer with a master's degree in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the University of Leuven. After her studies she started a PhD in Sciences, in combination with studies in Footwear Design at the Academy of Fine Arts of Sint-Niklaas (Belgium). She took specialized classes in Fashion Footwear Design at London College of Fashion (UK), Polimoda (Italy), Prescot & McKay (UK) and SLEM (The Netherlands). Her designs are enchanting and delicate, yet edgy and sharp. The eccentric collections she designed for the Academy have already been shown in various exhibitions, fairs and fashion shows in Belgium, the Netherlands, London and Paris.In November 2014 Katrien started her own commercial shoe label Elegnano

In 2013 she was nominated for the Global Footwear Design Award. In 2014 she became the only Belgian finalist in the prestigious Muuse x Vogue Talents - Young Vision Award Accessories.

The first collection autumn/winter 2015-2016
The collection consists of four models, available in sizes 36 to 42. Each design in the collection has a name and personality. From the end of July you will find the collection Elegnano back in several shops in Belgium and they will be available at the shop www.elegnano.com. This collection is a limited edition. The price varies from € 450 to € 665. You can pre-order from June 15. In a month they will be delivered at home.

More shoes by Katrien Herdewyn at the Virtual Shoe Museum.

Sunday, May 03, 2015 - Why shoes? An invitation to bring a whole new perspective on the common and ordinary object 'the shoe'. A Retrospective exhibition from Catelan artist Xavier G-Solís, from Barcelona at the Musée international de la Chaussure de Romans in France. On show from 10 April till 25 Oktober 2015. With a special performance by Xavier G-Solís 16th of May during the Museum night (Nuit des Musées).
Why shoes? Retrospective Xavier G-Golís
Why shoes? Retrospective Xavier G-Golís

This exhibition traces the evolution and the work of Catalan artist Xavier G-Solís, philosopher and training sculptor, visual artist. For 15 years he led a reflection on the concept of the object 'used footwear' considering it as the symbol of the relationship between people and the world.

Xavier G-G-Solís has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Barcelona and a degree in advanced technique in sculpture from the Las Palmas Gran Canaria School of Arts. He currently lives in Barcelona were he fully dedicates himself to contemporary art. Over the last 10 years he has developed a collection of shoe works and projects of the 'used shoe', using the shoe as a paradigmatic symbol of the history of modern man. His work reflects the way in which the shoe G-Golis transforms worn shoes and puts them in a situation in installations and performances that really challenge. Shoe cars, shoe veils, shoes engraved... his work is visual, graphic and consists of photographs, videos and sculptures. This exhibition offers an approach that is aesthetic, poetic, playful and critical.

Musée international de la chaussure de Romans
The museum invites you on a journey to discover the world of this timeless, universal object - the shoe. Ilts collection is kept in a prestigious setting, the former 'Convent of the Visitation', allowing it to display shoes in all its forms, from the oldest to the most contempory and the most classical to the most extravagant or exotic. Situated in Romans, a town that owes its renown to leatherworking and shoemaking, the international Museum is both a place of endless inspiration for professionals and an exceptional showcase for the famous boot and shoemakers of yesterday and today.

Why Shoes? Retrospective Xavier G-Solís
Musée international de la chaussure de Romans, France
10 April – 25 Oktober 2015

This exhibition has a catalogue written by Adriana Herrera.

16th of May during the Museum night (Nuit des Musées) theer will be a performance by Xavier G-Solís at the Museum.

For more information Musée international de la chaussure de Romans

Friday, April 10, 2015 - This spring, Wednesday Whiskey, the young label in men’s shoes by Dutch entrepreneur Marijn Verschure, is launching a very special project. Several artists, from different origines, were invited to apply their significant signature on a pair of Wednesday Whiskey shoes. As a result the eye-catching works of art will be on display in a small exhibition from 2 April till 7 June 2015 at the Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum in Waalwijk, the Netherlands.
Wednesday Whiskey x The Artists
Wednesday Whiskey x The Artists

Exclusive collaboration between and a Dutch shoe brand and various artists.

Unique pieces of art
Marijn Verschure, who is both founder and owner of Wednesday Whiskey, came up with the idea for the art project together with his friend Pablo Lücker during an international fair. Besides Lücker, he found the American graffiti artist Kool Koor, the Dutch cartoonist Luc Verschuuren and several others, willing to make a contribution to this project. After the exhibition in the Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum, the project will be shown on several fairs and events as well.

The Wednesday Whiskey’ grafic art shoes have been combined with regular art pieces supplied by the artists themselves. Also on display is the shoe label’s rapid evolution into a full-fledged brand according, made visible by showing both early samples and current styles.

Wednesday Whiskey is a Dutch Shoe Brand established in 2013. Its philosophy stands for enthusiasm for unrestrained simplicity. The Wednesday Whiskey collections are produced with lots of care in a small factory, just outside of Porto, Portugal. At the moment the collection is available in 50 stores as well as online.

For more information Wednesday Whiskey

The exhibition of Wednesday Whiskey at the Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum can be visited during regular opening hours. In the weekend of 18 and 19 April, visiting the museum is free of charge.

Wednesday Whiskey x The Artists
2 April - 7 June 2015
Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum
Elzenweg 25, Waalwijk, the Netherlands

For more information Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum'

Shoes painted by artist Pablo Lucker.

Monday, March 30, 2015 - Pushing the boundaries of shoe design with the latest materials and most advanced 3D printing technology. A select group of the worlds leading architects and designers are invited to explore and challenge 3D printing technology by designing 3D printed high heels that are to debut at Salone Del Mobile 2015, 14 - 19 April 2015.
Re-Inventing Shoes
Re-Inventing Shoes

United Nude and 3D Systems Corporation have teamed up once again to take you on a journey where fashion, design and technology merge into five of the most fascinating 3D printed creations ever seen.

Since the launch of United Nude in 2003 with the Möbius shoe, United Nude have become experts in technologically advanced ladies footwear; pushing the boundaries and the continuous re-inventing of shoe making. Some of the great examples for these innovations have come from our collaborations with great creative minds from other industries such as Iris Van Herpen (fashion designer) and Zaha Hadid (architect).

The goal for the Re-Inventing Shoes project is to explore and push the boundaries of the 3D printing technology for creating shoes with the largest amount of sculptural freedom.

The production method used is the highest quality of 3D printing (selective laser sintering) in a hard Nylon and all new soft rubber material. United Nude has figured out a way to combine harder and softer 3D printed parts for creating fully functioning shoes.

More shoes/collaborations by United Nude

Shoe: Michael Young’s high heel design for Re-Inventing Shoes.

Thursday, March 19, 2015 - An event that brings together fashion, art and education, organised by the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design since 2010. Promotion of young artists, promoting Cracow as one of the fashion capitals and showing fashion as one of the visual arts are the main goals of the event. Shoe designer Amber Ambrose Aurèle and Liza Snook (Virtual Shoe Museum) will take place in the fashion award design jury.
Cracow Fashion Week 21-29 March
Cracow Fashion Week 21-29 March

Widely promoted by media the event gathers thousands of public for fashion shows,exhibitions, lectures, workshops and conferences. Cracow Fashion Awards Premiers a diploma show of Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design opens the event on the 21st of March and will be held in The Museum of Municipal Engineering.

Cracow Fashion Awards Gala in ICE Krakow – Congress Centre is opened for public and a limited number of tickets is available in InfoKraków Centres: ul. św. Jana 2 and InfoKraków Wyspiański Pavilion, pl.Wszystkich Świętych 2. Collections from Poland, England, France, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania will be presented during the show.

Exhibitions and events:
“FOCUS ON FASHION” – the international juried exhibition of fashion photography,
Museum of Municipal Engineering, address: ul. św. Wawrzyńca 15,
Exhibition will run from 12th March till 7th April 2015
The official opening of the exhibition will take place on 24th March 2015 at 7:00 pm.

“WILD IMAGINATION” – the international exhibition of fashion illustration,
Jewish Community Centre of Krakow, address: ul.Miodowa 24
Exhibition will run from 03 till 31 March 2015
The official closing of the exhibition will take place on 25th March 2015 at 6:00 pm.

“STEP BY STEP” – the international exhibition of shoe design,
Museum of Municipal Engineering, address: ul. św. Wawrzyńca 15,
Exhibition will run from 12th March till 7th April 2015
The official opening of the exhibition will take place on 24th March 2015 at 7:00 pm.

“WHAT’S UP” – photos of collections of Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design graduates,
Pauza in Garden, address: ul.Rajska 12
Exhibition will run from 4th till 30th March 2015
The official opening of the exhibition will take place on 26th March 2015 at 4:00 pm

“MORE AND MORE” – the exhibition of graduates’ paintings, photos and drawings
Cracow Shool of Art and Fashion Design, address: ul.Zamoyskiego 52
Exhibition will run from 9 March till 31st May 2015

“Fashion & Fantasy” – Exhibition of paper designs by students of Cracow School of Art
and Fashion Design
Galeria Kazimierz, address: ul. Podgórska 34, level 0
Exhibition will run from 18th March till 29th March 2015
The official opening of the exhibition will take place on 23st March 2015 at 1:00 pm

Guests of our event: Amber Ambrose Aurèle (Shoe Designer), Jerzy Antkowiak, Wojciech Bednarz (Vistula), Joanna Błażejowska-Pecorari (ASKA Paryż), Marcin Dąbrowski (stylista gwiazd i bloger Mr Dynamo), Hanna Gajos (Fashionweare, Rynek Mody), Wojciech Grzybała (Gala) IMA MAD, Joanna Hawrot (projektantka mody), Anna Jatczak (projektant mody), lIona Kanclerz (Modny Śląsk), Magda Korcz (Hush Warsaw), Ewa Kowalewska-Kondrat (krytyk mody, Harelblog.pl), Olka Kaźmierczak (Fashion PRGirl), Ewa Kosz (Ultra), Tobiasz Kujawa (krytyk mody, freestylevoguing.com), Bianca Cimiotta Lami (Akademia Mody Koefia, Rzym), Agata Mayer (Fashion Culture Magazine), Krystyna Mazurówna, Maria Mrowca (Mrovca Fashion Design), Carol Morgan (Central St. Martins, Wielka Brytania), Monika Onoszko (onoMono Design), Jerzy Osika (Promedia), Karolina Pięch (Balenciaga), Anna Pięta (HUSH Warsaw), Anna Pirowska (DRESSAP), Lidia Popiel (Finelife.pl), Liza Snook (Virtual Shoe Museum), Małgorzata Sobiczewska (est by eS.), Iga Szuchiewicz (Malgrau), Anka Letycja Walicka (projektantka mody), Daniel Wieleba, Dorota Wróblewska (Sophisti Group), Connie Viever (TECO), Michał Zaczyński (krytyk mody, michalzaczynski.com), Aneta Zielińska (projektantka mody).

EXCIDIUM by Chris van den Elzen, on show a the “STEP BY STEP” exhibition, photo Charlotte Visser.

Sunday, March 01, 2015 - Article by Corinna Meneghetti, part of her thesis 'Shoes as object of desire, self-identity and expression'. The increasing interest in sporting activities around the end of the 19th century created a demand for more comfortable and suitable footwear for leisure and outdoor activities. Manufacturers started to develop new shapes and material, developing the first athletic shoe.
Sneakers revolution: from sport to lifestyle
Sneakers revolution: from sport to lifestyle

Although called by various names, the term ‘athletic shoe’ indicates the new category of footwear that was primarily designed for sports or other forms of exercise which later on became a global product and an icon of particular of lifestyle values. The first model worn by people in the late 18th century was a ‘low-tech’ rubber soled shoe called plimsoll in the UK or 'sneaker' in America.

The first breakthrough, in 1832, was made when Wait Webster who patented a process whereby rubber could be used to attach soles to uppers and this is what led to the creation of Plimsolls. The big development, however, was vulcanized shoes, created from a newly developed process called vulcanisation - still in use today - which uses heat to meld rubber and cloth together. But it wasn’t until 1917 that manufacturer Goodyear started to advertise a canvas and rubber shoes - called Keds- as an athletic shoe. While Keds were the first to sell trainers on a mass scale, specialist running-spikes had already been around for a long time.

Kends Century Collection 2010
In fact, a further development to the first plimsoll was made in 1852 by a Britain, Joseph William Foster, founder of a company now called Reebok. He decided to add spikes to the bottom of plimsolls creating what we know as running spikes.

Adi Dassler who founded the company Adidas, his brother Rudolph founded Puma.
Many years later it was the turn of a German, Adi Dassler, to take the spikes a step further. Dassler, in fact, created a light range of shoes with hand-forged spikes, differentiating the style depending on purpose and distances. Some years later he opened a company named after him Adidas, established in 1948, to be then split into Adidas and Puma. After one year, the famous three side-stripes were created to give more support to the running shoe.

In the same year, in another part of the world, another iconic sportswear brand was opened by Mr Onitsuka started Onitsuka Co. Ltd later now as ASICS. In the last century trainers evolved from rubber soled plimsolls to air cushioned, gel filled capsules worn as much for their looks as their sporting performance. This happened also thanks to a complex branding and marketing strategy. Famous companies such as Nike, Puma, Adidas, Reebok and others brand developed footwear specifically for any individual sport and they also started to update their styles by creating new models every season.

According to different lifestyle and subcultures, new colours, materials and product innovations, meant that sports footwear has become an essential part of contemporary living and expression of the new leisure culture. Consumer choice when buying sports shoes began to be influenced by the complex marketing strategies of these major brands. Advertising revolves around three essential features that create the value of the footwear: performance, well-being and fashion. Athletics shoes are promoted not just as tools to enhance your performance, but also as a means to bettering yourself through physical exercise and, by doing so, enhancing attractiveness and success. Furthermore, they have become the equipment of style and fashion awareness.

Advertising saw a dramatic transformation of sports footwear that created a lifestyle image, developed during the 60’s and 70’s and enhanced especially during the 80’s and 90’s through prominent sports personalities and branding strategies. This transformed athletic shoes from an object of function to a commodity mix of performance, self-identity and fashion concern. From then on sports footwear has been perceived as a means of self-expression in the same way as other footwear ranges.

Marketing has been central to this transformation of the sport shoe industry and each brand played a big role on the popularizing of the sports shoe; Adidas in the football field, Rebook for aerobics and Nike for running. Therefore, the continuous improvement and development of new technologies has been a stimulus, as was probably the fitness boom of the 70s, which had more influence on the mass consumption of trainers. 'During the 1990s, shoe companies perfected their fashion and marketing skills. Sports endorsements grew larger and marketing budgets went through the roof. Sneakers became a fashion statement and definition of identity and personality rather than humble athletic aids.'

The design of the footwear, the balance between functional features, protective and innovative materials and strong aesthetic appeal has been pushed further by the merging of sport and fashion.

Prada, Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood are just few names that, through their own collection, brought sports shapes and materials out on the catwalk and in the window displays of their ready- to-wear boutique.

Furthermore, an increasing interrelation between sports footwear and the music/dance scene - such as in the 80s hip hop culture and the 90s with the settle grunge - lead to a phenomenon of celebrity style icons consolidating the image of certain kind of footwear as a key element of certain cultural groups. In the last few decades 'designer sports shoes' have been consecrated firmly as fashion items and this has been achieved by the increasing number of collaborations between ready to wear designer and sport brands such Puma’s Alexander McQueen, Watanabe for Nike or Yamamoto for Adidas just to mention some of them.

Topshop and Adidas are two of the most talked-about and shopped brands in the market right now for a collaboration: Topshop x Adidas Originals 2014

So, although in the 20th century, the sneaker became a common cultural phenomenon, emphasis on new technologies for athletes and sports footwear nowadays doesn’t refer any longer to just any item of footwear that is intended for sports use, but also refers to footwear intended for everyday life and leisure, becoming one of today’s most fashionable items.

Chapter V.2 from 'Shoes as object of desire, Self-identity and expression'
Master of Science in Fashion, Design and Luxury Management

A Thesis Submitted to Grenoble Graduate School of Business, 2014
By Corinna Meneghetti, Fashion Design and Creative Management based in Barcelona, Spain.
For more info: corinna.meneghetti@hotmail.it

Images: Wikipedia: Athletic shoes and Topshop x Adidas Originals 2014.

Sunday, February 22, 2015 - Do you want to create the future of sneakers with one of Nike’s great design legends? SLEM and Hong Kong PolyU are organizing a great workshop from March 24-27 with Mike Friton, the designer behind iconic styles such as the 'Presto' and the 'Nike Woven'. Mike also worked on the new self-lacing Back to the Future shoes.
Future of Athletic Footwear workshop with Nike legend Mike Friton
Future of Athletic Footwear workshop with Nike legend Mike Friton

In this unique short course you will develop a new athletic concept, including a wearable prototype, applying dynamic materials that have functions and possibilities beyond what is trending today. You will also learn quick ways for 2D to 3D prototyping that Mike developed himself.

This workshop is meant for students and professionals, organized as a collaboration between HK PolyU and SLEM, an international innovation and education center for the footwear industry. Currently we have only 5 places left!

For more info on Mike Friton check: fritondesign.com/bio.

March 23-27, 2015 - 09:00-17:00
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Costs: 7777 HKD
Maximum class size: 15

Enroll before February 28 office@slem.nl

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