Monday, December 15, 2014 - In order to make wearing high heeled shoes more comfortable and easy, HEELBOPPS were developed by Katharina Hermes. Those functional, yet sophisticated and feminine add-on-heels can be put onto the shoes heels, fitting on various shapes and easy to pull off again with a slight twist. They will look just like a slightly enlarged classic D-shaped heel and as if they would be part of the shoe. Could help you through the Xmas dance party nights!
HEELBOPPS Walk like a Star
HEELBOPPS Walk like a Star

Pumps, stilettos, high heels - any woman loves to wear a pair of those most feminine shoes. They guarantee an elegant, glamorous and sexy appearance! But yet, she might hate them as often the material on the heels won't last for long. Walking on the street and stairs, getting stuck in stones, grids and grass make your feet hurt quickly. And walking around in the office all day long or dancing through the night and it is annoying to concentrate all the time on where to put her feet to avoid twisting her ankle.

Because of their interior construction and exterior shape, they stabilize the feet while standing or walking and they protect the heels from being damaged heavily.
HEELBOPPS are 'Made in Germany' and their high-quality material is especially created to fulfil all characteristics of multi-functionality and stability.

You can combine HEELBOPPS color matching or contrasting to your shoes or outfit, so you will gain the total look, the perfect outfit for any occasion and event or simply personalize your style.

Are available in different colors or - just as the latest fashion trends - in neon or block-color combinations, pastel colors and even covered with Swarovski crystals or metal studs. There are the right HEELBOPPS for any woman, stiletto, outfit or event and they are going to generate a new passion for fashion, styling and colors, while simply making life more beautiful and comfortable!


Friday, December 12, 2014 - Special shoe exhibition at the Spielzeug Welten Museum in Basel from 18 October 2014 – 6 April 2015, in collaboration with the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery from England and the Virtual Shoe Museum. This special exhibition is devoted to an everyday object that for millennia has served to protect the soles of men, women and children: the shoe.
History under your feet - 3000 years of shoes
History under your feet - 3000 years of shoes

In collaboration with the Northampton Museums and Art Gallery in England, home to the world’s largest collection of historical shoes, this exhibition of over 220 pairs of shoes takes you on a journey through the footwear fashions of the last 3000 years. In addition to its purely protective function and its importance for many people as a fashion item, throughout history the shoe has also been connected with social status and membership of particular social groups. In ancient Egypt, only pharaohs were allowed to wear sandals made of silver or gold. The oldest shoe in the exhibition comes from Egypt, and dates from around 1000 BC. Every shoe form that we wear today has a link to the past. We are always wearing a piece of history on our feet. And in the meantime, the shoe has also become a subject for the art world.

More than 30 artists from across the globe, selected by Liza Snook from The Virtual Shoe Museum, have made their artistic shoe creations available for the exhibition. Shoes from the designers of tomorrow also offer visitors a taste of the future.

Thomas Murphy, an English shoemaker of bespoke shoes for the young and old, will demonstrate his craft on various weekends. Our visitors will have the chance to experience live how handmade shoes are made today, and will have the opportunity to try their hand at a bit of shoemaking themselves.

Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel (Toy Worlds Museum Basle)
Museum, shop and restaurant
Opening hours 10.00 until 18.00 daily
Steinenvorstadt 1
CH-4051 Basel

The Swiss Museums Pass and the Museums-PASS-Musées are valid for the Toy Worlds Museum Basle.

CHF 7.00/5.00
Children up to 16 years of age are admitted free of charge and only the company of adults.

Beads shoes by Tomas Kroes, photo by Charlotte Visser.

Sunday, November 30, 2014 - SLEM organizes two revolutionary international footwear conferences on December 10 & 11, both taking place in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. These ‘SLEMinars’ are organized together with Jakajima – matchmaker for innovators - and will feature internationally renowned scientists, technologists, material experts, physicians and designers, speaking on the subjects of footwear health technology and future footwear materials.
SLEM organizes two new revolutionary footwear conferences
SLEM organizes two new revolutionary footwear conferences

This way SLEM aims to create connections between the footwear industry and other innovative industries and universities. Both sides might not be aware of the business opportunities and research possibilities that they can offer each other. At the SLEMinars they can get to know each other and build a relationship.

Footwear Health Tech Conference
Each conference deals with a different subject; the Footwear Health Tech conference on the 10th of December will focus on innovative technologies that help people live more healthy lives because of the their footwear. For instance, biomechanics professors will talk about combatting arthritis through shoes, orthotics specialists will speak on customization with 3d printing and inventors will show footwear projects for helping people with Parkinson’s or visual handicaps.

Leading companies like Materialise, Delcam and Feetz will demonstrate their exciting technologies in the exhibition space. This is just a small sample of all the lectures the Footwear Health Tech conference has to offer. For a full program please go to footwearhealthtech.

Future Footwear Materials
The Future Footwear Materials conference on the 11th of December will show an exciting range of innovative footwear materials, like smart textiles and synthetics with pre-programmed behavior, wool made from recycled plastics and sustainable performance coatings by Stahl. The exhibition space will feature many more interesting material technologies demonstrations from companies like Recreus, presenting flexible filament for 3D printed shoes and Lightmotif, using micro lasering technology to improve the functions of outsoles. The complete program can be found at the dedicated conference website futurefootwearmaterials.

Tickets for the conferences are available on the websites. Special rates are available for those wanting to attend both conferences.

The fully catered seminars will be held at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, an international hub for high-level scientific and technological research. Eindhoven station and Eindhoven airport are nearby, providing excellent travel connections to the campus.

SLEM is an innovation and education institute for the footwear industry. Its goal is to research and develop meaningful innovation and provide the footwear industry with creative solutions. Jakajima is a matchmaker for innovators, organizing conferences on innovation and innovative technologies.
Raadhuisplein 1-2, 5141 JT Waalwijk

Photo: LeChal gps enanbled haptic feedback shoe.

Friday, November 21, 2014 - From Friday 28 till Sunday 30 November 2014, the sixth edition of Meesterlijk will take place in Amsterdam, at the Westergasfabriek. This is the event where product designers, fashion designers, food designers and artisans share their passion for design and craftsmanship with the public. In this edition Makerszoon by René van den Berg and the Dutch Shoe Academy also will be present.
Shoes at Meesterlijk 2014
Shoes at Meesterlijk 2014

Makerszoon (son of the maker) is René van den Berg's brandname for his durable men shoes collection. With Makerszoon he continues the shoemaking tradition of his family, a tradition of four generations, dating back to 1902.

Quirky, sturdy shoes with as their main features, high comfort and low impact on the environment. With a solid background as an orthopedic shoe-maker he started his custom-made shoe workshop in 1992. In this he combines his creativity and design skills with extensive knowledge of the foot, shoe-making, materials and techniques. René has a very successful career by manufacturing the most extreme shoes for fashion designers such as Thierry Mugler, JANTAMINIAU, Ilja Visser, Anouk Wipprecht and Leanie van der Vyver. His shoes are also worn by famous performers such as Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Pea Fergie.

Makerszoon collection
Consists of three models: Oak (Oxford/Rijg Molière) Ash (Derby/Derby Molière) and Beech (Derby/Derby Molière) in seven sizes. In addition to standard sizes and designs Makerszoon offers you the possibility (at extra costs) to specify your ideas. The price of these handmade shoes start at € 395.00. These shoes are not available through stores. If you wish to purchase a pair of these shoes, you are welcome to welcome in the studio to try the right size, please call for an by appointment first. The delivery of those shoes would be about two weeks. For more information about the extensive possibilities, please feel free to contact Makerszoon.

In addition to Makerszoon René also founded 'A shoe can be', to create striking sculptures and exclusive footwear with his business partner Karin Janssen and René teaches shoe making at the Dutch Shoe Academy in Utrecht.

The Dutch Shoe Academy will also presents its students work at Meesterlijk. At the request of Uniquole/Meesterlijk the students investigated the details of historical prints for their school program. The students used details from the prints as inspiration for their handmade shoes and the objects are produced only in one color 'Ivory'.

This november 2014 the sixth edition of Meesterlijk will take place. This is the event where product designers, fashion designers, food designers and artisans share their passion for design and craftsmanship with the public. During 3 days established Masters will stand alongside talented novices at one of the most stunning and inspiring venues of Amsterdam: the Westergasfabriek.

3 days - 3 venues
Where can you buy objects directly from the product designers, fashion designers and artisans themselves? Where can you still find the pure passion for the creation process? At Meesterlijk, the contemporary event for design and craftsmanship. Your ticket offers access to all these venues.

There are unique products for sale, like furniture, glass and crystal objects of use, wooden, metal and ceramic objects and of course wearable items such as tailor made shirts, shoes (for both men and women), hats, bags, jewellery and other accessories.

Meesterlijk - design and crafts
28 -30 November 2015, 12.00 - 18.00
Westergasfabriek, Polonceaukade 2 (De Bakkerswinkel entrance)
Amsterdam 1014 DA
The Netherlands

More info and tickets at Meesterlijk.

Black and white photography by Esther van der Wallen.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 - Shoe art, signed & numbered Helena is back. After an overwhelming response on various boots featured in international exhibitions, Helena decided to make her shoe art available to shoe lovers. This fall she will be launching 'Gloria Flamenca', the first in a series of exclusive, signed and numbered boots which all have been in expositions but never produced before.
Helena Amsterdam unique wearable shoe art
Helena Amsterdam unique wearable shoe art

These wearable pieces of art will all carry their unique number and will be signed by the artist compared to a litho or art print. The significant difference is that the boots will not be an inferior copy of the original but completely identical. Each pair will be manufactured out of exactly the same materials, in the same country, with equal dedication and craftsmanship as the ones featured in museums and exhibitions. 

The boots and bags will all be handmade from the finest leather and materials, with a passion for perfection by, grown up, craftsmen in Portugal. The artistic footwear will arrive with a certificat of authentity, together with a travel bag to keep them nice and shiny. To top off things Helena designed a matching clutch. These collectors items can exclusively be ordered directly from
Helena Amsterdam. The first delivery will be before Christmas!

Gloria Flamenca
Designed with a deep love for Spain and it's beautiful culture and people, these boots represent a tribute to the Flamenco dancers, expressing the fire, passion and colorfulness to be found in every woman, all over the world

The 'Gloria Flamenca' boot is of course permanently featured at the Virtual Shoe Museum and will be part of the 'History under you feet – 3000 years of shoes' exposition at the Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel, Switserland in collaboration with the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery in England. From October 18 2014 untill april 5 2015.

Boot: € 275
Ankle boot: € 235
Clutch: € 145

About Helena
Inge Helena Rietjens is known for her creative, daring, stylish and playful signature, manufactured in high quality materials and craftsmanship. This fall she is launching a brand new concept featuring solely, limited edition boots and bags, with a new release 3 times a year.She started out as a shoe designer in 2004 by launching the Helena Angelique collection in a collaboration with a tattoo artist, followed by her own Helena d'Amsterdam collection in 2009. She co developed and taught at the masterclass shoe design for FIA ( Fashion Institute Arnhem) and was a designer and trend watcher for Sacha. Her designs received international media attention and have been sold worldwide.

Quite some of her boots an shoes were, are and will be featured in various museums and exhibitions, amongst which the Kunsthal/Rotterdam, Modemuseum/Hasselt, Nederlands Leder en Schoenen Museum/Waalwijk, Museum Auberlehaus/ Trossingen, Spielzeug Welten Museum/Basel and at The Virtual Shoe Museum more to come in 2015: Shoe Show/Dubai and Kuwait, Klagenfurt/Austria.

More shoes by Helena at the Virtual Shoe Museum.

Photo's by Charlotte Visser.

Saturday, September 20, 2014 - Dutch designer Rosanne Bergsma starts a new workshop 'create your own leather accessory' at Sunday October 19 and from December 6 the new course 'Make your own shoes' starts. A course for everyone who loves to create. You will become familiar with the craft of shoemaking in the studio in the Fashion quarter in Arnhem.
New workshop and course by Rosanne Bergsma
New workshop and course by Rosanne Bergsma

Create your own leather accessory with a small group. You can choose whether you make a clutch, a tablet or phone cover. Experience is not required! While enjoying a cup of coffee, tea and sweets you will be ensure of having a fun workshop.

Sunday October 19, 2014 from 13.00 till 17.00
Teachers are Nikki Giling and Rosanne Bergsma.
Participants 4 till 8
Price € 75,- p.p. including material. (We take care of coffee, thee and sweets).

A course for everyone who loves to create. You will become familiar with the craft of shoemaking in the studio in the Fashion quarter in Arnhem. You can make the shoes that you’ve always wanted. In 7 days you will be guided through the entire process from design to a pair of hand crafted shoes. Experience is not required!

Different techniques and skills will be demonstrated. The following activities will be discussed: making patterns, cutting out the leather, stitching, making the soles and heels. There will be a lot of personal attention and time for questions, so you can learn what you want.

December 6 is the beginning of a new course. The course is on Saturday from 10.00 till 17.00 o'clock.
Participants 2
Price from € 950,- p.p., including lasts, excluding material

Shop Rosanne Bergsma
Klarendalseweg 397
Modekwartier Arnhem

Subscribe through [email protected]

As a shoe designer Rosanne believes in craftsmanship and durability. Every pair of women- and men shoes is made to measure in the studio in the Fashion Quarter Arnhem. With personal attention your shoe will be designed that fits your identity. Any personal wish such as the leather, toe shape, heel height and sole can be chosen. Products made by Rosanne are easily recognizable and stand out as clean silhouettes, in which innovative constructions are hidden. Shoes with an understated design language, executed in high-quality materials.

Rosanne Bergsma graduated Cum Laude at the Academy of Arts ArtEZ in Arnhem, the Netherlands. She made shoes for several Dutch celebrities as Claudia de Breij en Wende Snijders. More shoes by Rosanne Bergsma

Photography by David Jagersma and Martin Wieldraaijer.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 - Following previous successful design workshops given by international (shoe) design talents Kei Kagami and Kobi Levi, the Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum in Waalwijk proudly presents another design workshop by Kermit Tesoro from the Philippines on Wednesday 1 Oktober 2014.
Kermit Tesoro design workshop
Kermit Tesoro design workshop

Observant visitors know Kermit Tesoro from his modest contribution to the Mode Biënnale Arnhem: M°BA exhibition 'Fetishism in Fashion' 2013. Lady Gaga fans will remember Tesoro's work in her 'Marry the Night' video, where she shines in a 'muscle dress' created by Kermit Tesoro and Leeroy New. After that Tesoro contributed to the Lady Gaga + Gilt campaign, in which his terrifying high, heelless shoes attracted more attention than Lady Gaga herself.

At the start of his mini shoe exhibition 'Kermit Tesoro' this remarkable designer comes to Waalwijk to give a design workshop. Tesoro will share his skills in the field of three-dimensional design on a shoe last. The workshop is specifically for shoe designers and/or traditional shoemakers, but other interested parties are of course very welcome. For students knowledge of shoe design is desirable.

There is room for up to 25 people.
The costs are € 40,- per person, including coffee or tea, lunch and materials. Registration for this workshop can be done via e-mail.

9.30 10.00
Walk in, registration, coffee or tea & cake

10.00-12.00 Part 1 workshop

13:00 to 15:30 Part 2 workshop
15:30 to 16:30

Coffee or tea

Kermit Tesoro design workshop
Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum
1 Oktober 2014
Elzenweg 25, Waalwijk, the Netherlands

More shoes by Kermit Tesoro at the Virtual Shoe Museum.

Saturday, August 30, 2014 - The fabulous Shoe Calendars by Workman Publishers New York are out now! A must have for shoe lovers! Step into a shoe lover’s dream. Adapted from Linda O’Keeffe’s internationally bestselling book, 365 Days of Shoes is an exuberant celebration of luxury and style. The 365 Days of Shoes Calendars and diary features a full-color photo on every day. Since 2008 part of the shoes in these Calendars have been selected from the Virtual Shoe Museum.
2015 Shoe Calendars by Workman Publishers
2015 Shoe Calendars by Workman Publishers

For 2015 the cover of the Shoes Gallery 365 Days of Shoes Calendar was chosen from the Virtual Shoe Museum selection. The cover shoe is designed by Anastasia Radevich from Canada, 'Kinetik, The golden age', the photographer is Nik [Nitro] Yur.

Anastasia Radevich
Of Belarus origin she lives and crafts in Montreal, Canada. Having a distinction diploma from London College of Fashion in footwear design under her belt, she has spent a few years deepening into essence of technical design and art of the shoemaking at such creativity hubs as Alexander McQueen, Nicholas Kirkwood and Bolongaro Trevor (Creators of All Saints). Among the knowledge Anastasia attained was also appreciation of the value of free unobstructed expression and creativity which is often uneasy in our profit driven society. Shoes are her canvas where Anastasia combines art, craft and technology to relay a message, a story or a statement.

You can purchase your copy here for The Netherlands and Belgium, International purchase info is coming soon!

This innovative calendar, the features a full-color photo on every day. Nicholas Kirkwood’s color block stiletto. A tartan pump from Manolo Blahnik. And a glittery sky-high platform for New Year’s Eve. Shoes is a bold and obsessive tribute to fabulous footwear, with hundreds of stilettos, boots, sandals, platforms, and pumps displayed in full color.

Slip on a year of pure style. The ultramodern designs of Diego Dolcini. Classic Manolos. The pretty-meets-wild looks of Jerome C. Rousseau. And the timeless elegance of Stuart Weitzman. The #1 bestselling Picture-A-Day wall calendar, 365 Days of Shoes is a glamorous parade of footwear adapted from Linda O’Keeffe’s internationally bestselling book. For the shoe lover, it’s like a yearlong shopping spree (but a lot easier on the wallet).

It’s big style in a little format. Boasting a diminutive 7" x 7" size, Shoes Mini Calendar is a perfect fit for cubicles, fridges, even closets. Every month is a fabulous shoe, sumptuously photographed and reproduced in full color. A sky-high lace-up stiletto. A bold platform wedge. A playful pair of hot pink booties. And a to-die-for emerald green pump. Go ahead, try them on for size.

Fifty-two weeks of fabulous shoes. Marrying a practical week-by-week planner with pure passion, Shoes Engagement Calendar celebrates the sexiest, boldest, and most covetable footwear with a dazzling full-color photograph on the left-hand side of each spread. On the right is a roomy write-in grid to keep each day organized. From purse to desktop, it’s the perfect fit.

More shoes by Anastasia Radevich at the Virtual Shoe Museum.

Monday, July 28, 2014 - The Palette series (Stiletto Palette or Sneaker Palette) was developed in 2010, to inspire everyone from fashion lovers to sneaker heads. A platform where everyone can easily collaborate, share, draw and create. The journals feature a variety of subdued side profiles that allow the designer to quickly draw and brainstorm design ideas by providing accurately proportioned silhouettes.
Palette- creative tools for creative minds
Palette- creative tools for creative minds

Style & Quality
Palette is focused on bringing you a high quality notebook. All palette products are premium and feature a quality control method of printing, stitch binding and luxe linen cover.
• High quality: 100 gsm designer white paper
• Luxe linen cloth hardcover journal.
• 150 pages including ribbon book mark
• Elastic band closure

Designed in Los Angeles
Palette Publishing is a publisher and distributor established in Los Angeles. We are one of LA’s largest growing distributor of books and lifestyle products who continue to grow and cultivate a unique generation of individuals and specialists. Palette Publishing places great emphasis on working with bookshops, educational institutions, and schools. We are committed to our craft and strive to improve the quality of our materials released for designers as well as footwear/accessories enthusiasts globally. We have held various exhibitions and sponsored many events to assist the promotion of design culture and learning through the practice of drawing.

The founders
Creative professionals and Los Angeles natives with extensive european training, as well as, global work experience in USA, Europe, Asia and Latin America. We have a shared mission; to provide premium design tools that have been developed to foster creative synergy.

Over the years the design duo has developed with unique insights that can be translated into various industries including high fashion, apparel, soft goods, accessories, digital design, publishing, lifestyle branding, automotive and consumer electronics. Backgrounds include Fashion Footwear & Accessories Design focus from: London College of Fashion, UK/Central Saint Martins, UK/Art Center College of Design, USA.

Order your Palette here

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 - The shoe exhibition Shoes in Art and Design at the KUNST HAUS WIEN is on show from 18 June till 5 October 2014. Most of the approximately 160 experimental shoe creations by designers, artists and architects are one of a kind or have been produced only in small series. Many have been devised as small sculptures, as conceptual statements, or as provocations against the main stream. These SHOEting Stars are distinguished by their unusual forms, exclusive materials and 'emotional added value' often to the detriment of their actual wearability.
SHOEting Stars. Shoes in Art and Design
SHOEting Stars. Shoes in Art and Design

SHOEting Stars
The topic of 'shoes' opens up an entire cosmos of stories, individual experiences and preconceptions. Shoes symbolise passion and the search for perfection. They represent trivial needs, but at the same time are an attractive medium for artistic and scientific speculation. The subject of this exhibition, therefore, is the contemplation of shoes not only as casual fashion projects but as design objects that make their own autonomous statements.

The exhibition focuses on experimental shoe creations by artists, designers and architects. Most of these creations are one of a kind or have been produced only in small series. Many have been devised as small sculptures in their own right, as conceptional statements, or as provocations against the main stream. Each of them is distinguished by an unusual form, exclusive materials and an “emotional added value” – often to the detriment of its actual wearability. In view of the astounding creativity and diversity of artistic ideas, the functionality criterion is of secondary significance.

Where does this courage to create an unconventional shoe come from? A not inconsiderable role is certainly played by the design avant-garde of the fashion world, where art and fashion have long been intimately linked, with each camp utilising the other’s mechanisms. Fashion designers rely on limited
production runs and direct cooperation with artists or borrow unabashedly from the treasure trove of
art history.

On the other hand, when artists focus on shoes as the subject of their creative works, amazing autonomous artistic statements result. Shoes made of glass, ceramics and porcelain or conceived as part of an installation follow in the tradition of creative sculpture and thus assume positions outside the
canons of the fashion market. Artists enjoy slipping into the role of the beholder. In conceptual works they target the complex relationship between society and the individual and focus on facets of modern consumer behaviour. In doing so they are working at the crossroad to social design, which represents
an expansion in the sense of creating life forms and preserving values.

A further source of creativity is provided by new technologies and materials, which enable a previously unheard-of spectrum of forms, structures and surfaces. By means of computer-aided processes, used alone or in combination with traditional techniques, the appearance of a shoe can be modified step by
step. Materials with new looks and new textures lend these shoes an almost futuristic aspect. The sections of the exhibition reflect contemporary design positions and show a blurring of boundaries between design, handicrafts and art that has been observable for quite some time. The range of exhibition objects is correspondingly broad: from an architectonic approach through small sculptures to the critical exploration of ethical and moral aspects of art and society; from experiments with materials to the shoe as a fetish object – there is no question in present-day discourse to which a shoe of some kind does not have an appropriate answer.

The thematic grouping of the exhibited works underscores the blurring of boundaries between art, design and handicrafts. The spectrum ranges from an architectonic approach through experiments with materials to the shoe as a fetish object. The manifold possibilities inherent in shoes as a creative medium are reflected not only in the shoes themselves but also in installations, photographs and videos, and include the positions of several Austrian artists and designers.

An exhibition by KUNST HAUS WIEN in cooperation with the GRASSI Museum of Applied Art Leipzig
Idea and concept: Sabine Epple
Curator in Vienna: Brigitte Woischnik
Co-Curator in Vienna: Liza Snook,

SHOEting Stars. Shoes in Art and Design
18 June to 5 October 2014
1030 Vienna, Untere Weissgerberstrasse 13