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Sunday, May 17, 2015 Elegnano offers elegant, exclusive women's shoes of the highest quality for women that are fashionable and graceful, but also know what they want in life. Elegnano lives by the motto: float like butterfly, sting like a bee.

Walking through life effortless and elegant, but strong and sharp at the same time. Elegnano wants every woman to move gracefully through life - like a fairy or a butterfly - without exchanging elegance and femininity for comfort and resilience. Technological innovation and modern design make this possible. Elegnano is literally, and figuratively a fusion of elegance and nanotechnology. The Italian craftmenship and high-tech innovation are brought together in unique designs. The design studio is based in Belgium. We pay a lot of attention to the right fit and materials of the shoes.

Why shoes? Retrospective Xavier G-Golís

Sunday, May 03, 2015 Why shoes? An invitation to bring a whole new perspective on the common and ordinary object 'the shoe'. A Retrospective exhibition from Catelan artist Xavier G-Solís, from Barcelona at the Musée international de la Chaussure de Romans in France. On show from 10 April till 25 Oktober 2015. With a special performance by Xavier G-Solís 16th of May during the Museum night (Nuit des Musées).

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This exhibition traces the evolution and the work of Catalan artist Xavier G-Solís, philosopher and training sculptor, visual artist. For 15 years he led a reflection on the concept of the object 'used footwear' considering it as the symbol of the relationship between people and the world.

Wednesday Whiskey x The Artists

Friday, April 10, 2015 This spring, Wednesday Whiskey, the young label in men’s shoes by Dutch entrepreneur Marijn Verschure, is launching a very special project. Several artists, from different origines, were invited to apply their significant signature on a pair of Wednesday Whiskey shoes. As a result the eye-catching works of art will be on display in a small exhibition from 2 April till 7 June 2015 at the Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum in Waalwijk, the Netherlands.

Exclusive collaboration between and a Dutch shoe brand and various artists.

Unique pieces of art
Marijn Verschure, who is both founder and owner of Wednesday Whiskey, came up with the idea for the art project together with his friend Pablo Lücker during an international fair. Besides Lücker, he found the American graffiti artist Kool Koor, the Dutch cartoonist Luc Verschuuren and several others, willing to make a contribution to this project. After the exhibition in the Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum, the project will be shown on several fairs and events as well.

Re-Inventing Shoes

Monday, March 30, 2015 Pushing the boundaries of shoe design with the latest materials and most advanced 3D printing technology. A select group of the worlds leading architects and designers are invited to explore and challenge 3D printing technology by designing 3D printed high heels that are to debut at Salone Del Mobile 2015, 14 - 19 April 2015.

United Nude and 3D Systems Corporation have teamed up once again to take you on a journey where fashion, design and technology merge into five of the most fascinating 3D printed creations ever seen.

Cracow Fashion Week 21-29 March

Thursday, March 19, 2015 An event that brings together fashion, art and education, organised by the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design since 2010. Promotion of young artists, promoting Cracow as one of the fashion capitals and showing fashion as one of the visual arts are the main goals of the event. Shoe designer Amber Ambrose Aurèle and Liza Snook (Virtual Shoe Museum) will take place in the fashion award design jury.

Widely promoted by media the event gathers thousands of public for fashion shows,exhibitions, lectures, workshops and conferences. Cracow Fashion Awards Premiers a diploma show of Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design opens the event on the 21st of March and will be held in The Museum of Municipal Engineering.

Sneakers revolution: from sport to lifestyle

Sunday, March 01, 2015 Article by Corinna Meneghetti, part of her thesis 'Shoes as object of desire, self-identity and expression'. The increasing interest in sporting activities around the end of the 19th century created a demand for more comfortable and suitable footwear for leisure and outdoor activities. Manufacturers started to develop new shapes and material, developing the first athletic shoe.

Although called by various names, the term ‘athletic shoe’ indicates the new category of footwear that was primarily designed for sports or other forms of exercise which later on became a global product and an icon of particular of lifestyle values. The first model worn by people in the late 18th century was a ‘low-tech’ rubber soled shoe called plimsoll in the UK or 'sneaker' in America.

Future of Athletic Footwear workshop with Nike legend Mike Friton

Sunday, February 22, 2015 Do you want to create the future of sneakers with one of Nike’s great design legends? SLEM and Hong Kong PolyU are organizing a great workshop from March 24-27 with Mike Friton, the designer behind iconic styles such as the 'Presto' and the 'Nike Woven'. Mike also worked on the new self-lacing Back to the Future shoes.

In this unique short course you will develop a new athletic concept, including a wearable prototype, applying dynamic materials that have functions and possibilities beyond what is trending today. You will also learn quick ways for 2D to 3D prototyping that Mike developed himself.

This workshop is meant for students and professionals, organized as a collaboration between HK PolyU and SLEM, an international innovation and education center for the footwear industry. Currently we have only 5 places left!

Shoe treasures - Roger Vivier

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 The shoe exhibition 'Shoe Treasures - Roger Vivier' will be hosted by the Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum in Waalwijk from 21 February 2015 till 28 June 2015. 'Christian Dior – Shoes created by Roger Vivier', these words have been written in lots of shoes by the legendary House of Dior.

The creator of the New Look, however, would never have allowed anyone other than an equally legendary shoe designer to put their signature next to his. A clearer proof of the great esteem in which Christian Dior held Roger Vivier is hard to find.

Sculptural style

nat-2 launches LED Sneaker Collection

Monday, January 19, 2015 Nat-2 launches a spectacular capsule collection of LED Sneakers including 3 different LED outsoles for women, men and kids. The three soles all together have about 20 different functions from colour-changing to flashing and going round.

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The entire outsole changes with a simple push on a hidden button while wearing the shoes. Every pair can simly be quickly re-loaded many times with an included double-USB cable. With a constant use of the LEDs they last about 6 hours per charge.

When the light function is disabled, it is not possible to see what unique technique is featured in the shoe.

Basel Museum Night 2015

Saturday, January 10, 2015 Basel's next Museum Night will take place on Friday 16th January 2015. Because of the current exhibition 'History under your feet - 3000 years of shoes' at the Spielzeug Welten Museum their night programme will be a big celebration of shoes. From 18.00 til 2.00 there will be various shoe performances, tap dancing, shoe making, flip-flop workshops and shoe games. So put on your party shoes and come dance with us!

Special shoe exhibition at the Spielzeug Welten Museum in Basel from 18 October 2014 – 6 April 2015, in collaboration with the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery from England and the Virtual Shoe Museum. This special exhibition is devoted to an everyday object that for millennia has served to protect the soles of men, women and children: the shoe.

Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel Museum Night program for Friday 16th January 2015
All events are suitable for children

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