Monday, March 12, 2012 - Our free trend lectures at the upcoming GDS will be extra special this time, because we will announce some exciting and groundbreaking developments, so we hope you will all join as always. Below you will find the lecture schedule and some information about the inspirational exhibition of folded footwear that we will show in collaboration with the Virtual Shoe Museum.
Unfolding our future plans at GDS!
Unfolding our future plans at GDS!

Free GDS lectures by Nicoline van Enter | Creative Director of Ytrends will be held in the Speakers Corner in Hall 7, right next to our booth (7A20)

Wednesday, March 14:
11:00: Young Fashion Footwear Trends A/W 2012-13
11:30: Sneaker Trends A/W 2012-13
12:30: Drink and bites powered by SchoenVisie
13:00: Young Fashion Footwear & SneakerTrends A/W 2012-13, in Dutch
15:30: Early Bird footwear & sneaker trends for SS 2013 and AW 2013-14, with special guest!
16:30: Drinks at the Ytrends booth!

Thursday, March 15:
10:00: Kids shoe trends A/W 2012-13 and beyond
11:30: Young Fashion Footwear & Sneaker Trends A/W 2012-13
16:00: Sales and Marketing of Eco Footwear
16:30: Young Fashion Footwear & Sneaker Trends A/W 2012-13

Friday, March 16:
11:00: Young Fashion Footwear Trends A/W 2012-13

The Future (Un)folds
Since we are unfolding our plans for the future at GDS, we thought it would be appropriate to organize an exhibition about folded footwear exclusively for this occasion, called The Future (Un)folds. In collaboration with the Virtual Shoe Museum we will present a selection of the best folded shoes that were released in the recent years, months and even weeks. Some of the shoes featured were never shown in Europe before! We will approach the idea of folding from all angles: sustainability, new proportions, innovative constructions and materials, practical solutions... All shoes emphasize why and how folding is an important principle for future footwear. We will make a digital downloadable catalogue for the exhibition, which will become available after GDS for anyone who can not visit in person. Buy the great catalog here:
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Sunday, October 31, 2010 - For the second time, the Virtual Shoe Museum was present "in the real". During the three days of the first Chinese appearance of the GDS, we shared a booth with Nicoline of Y-trends who organised some shoe trend seminars.
We were present at GDS in DongGuan, China
We were present at GDS in DongGuan, China

With over 100.000 visitors the show was a big succes, and although the Museum was a bit of a alien, we got a lot of attention and many good responses. Of course, language is a barrier here, and Google Translate doesn't do the job when explaining the designers view, but there was a lot of eye-candy. And in the end that was what our presence there justified. So, maybe we'll meet again in a non virtual environment. We'll keep you posted on future exhibitions.

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