Wednesday, February 17, 2016 - 'Otherworldly, Avant-Garde Fashion and Style' showcases a fashion avant-garde between futurism and fetish. Featuring work by emerging talents and established designers such as Alexander McQueen, Martin Margiela, Peter Popps, Iris van Herpen and others. It not only explores groundbreaking developments but also their fruitful interplay with photography.

Review from the Virtual Shoe Museum
As a shoe curator I'm always looking for inspiration and futuristic designs next to amazing structures and fabrics. And this is a book has got it all. Out of this world ideas and fantastic sculptured fashion. There are new designs from my absolute fashion heroes and many new designers I didn't discover yet. Its all about talent and passion. Must have fashion book!

About the Book
Fashion from another planet. Unwearable, subversive, radically post-human, alien. Otherworldly presents avant-garde garments, styling, fashion photography, and young designers who are a whole galaxy away from the mainstream.

Other rules apply to the fashion of the future. New technologies and materials make things possible today that couldn’t have even been imagined in the past. High-tech fabrics and melting forms are no longer science fiction but reality. Fashion is constantly reinventing itself, but many designers and stylists are now taking it to extremes. Inspired by the odd, mutant, and deformed, they are redefining clothing to expand the body and speculate on the evolution of identity, from wearables to the utter transfiguration of the human silhouette.

About the guest editor
Theo-Mass Lexileictous works at the intersection of fashion and media. Since receiving his degree at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, he has worked for Lady Gaga and brands including Givenchy and Topshop.

Published by Gestalten
Gestalten is best known for its more than 600 books about contemporary creative culture, the majority of which are conceived in house. They document and anticipate vital movements in design, lifestyle, illustration, architecture, fashion, photography, travel, and art. Providing both inspiration and practical value, they explore new creative fields in ways not yet seen before.

Otherworldly, Avant-Garde Fashion and Style
Editors: Theo-Mass Lexileictous, Sven Ehmann and Robert Klanten (Gestalten)
Format: 24.5 × 33 cm
Features: Full color, hardcover, 304 pages
Price: € 45 (D) / £40 / $60
ISBN: 9783899556384

Release: February 23 2016.

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Photo: Otherworldly © Gestalten 2016.

Monday, May 14, 2012 - Before starting to create footwear, Shani Bar studied photography and graphics in Tel Aviv and then accessory design at the renowned Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. It was there she acquired a passion for tri-dimensionality.
Interview with accessory designer Shani Bar
Interview with accessory designer Shani Bar

'The philosophy behind my label is simple', says Shani. 'A shoe has to satisfy the highest design requirements and provide the greatest possible wearing comfort.' Shani basically targets a feminine effect. High heels with unusual silhouettes are a firm component of her design and are almost used like a signature, however only seldom exceed the comfortable height of six centimeters.

Shani Bar opened the first own store in Tel Aviv in 2006 and the second one in 2010. In summer 2010 the label entered the European market, now planned for long term and accompanied by a Spanish production. After three successful seasons, ShaniBar is supplying selected stores in Switzerland, Belgium and Germany. Berlin is the place of Shani Bar’s third own mono-brand-store, which opened in October 2011 at Torstrasse 62, the new hipster mile of Berlin-Mitte. The shop desin closely follows Shani’s basic design concept: clear lines meet ironic lightness and playful details with retro influences. Find her stores here.

Very interested in Shani's work since we discovered her work in 2009, we asked her to answer some questions:

When did you first became interested in accessory/shoe design?

When I was a student I did try to take a lot of different courses in different subjects. Shoe design was the last one, but it was love at first sight.

Why accessory design instead of fashion?

I like three-dimensional objects. Shoe design is like sculpting, you create your own forms and shapes.

Which people have influenced your work most?

I don't think that people have influenced my work. Influential is rather the research that I am doing and the exploration of the subjects which interest me.

What inspires you?

Everyday life, interesting items, shapes, colors, and nature in particular.

You studied graphic design as well as artistic photography before you became a shoe designer,
 does that still influences your designs?

I think it does. Some of my designs are influenced by graphic lines and shapes. I think that any designer should open himself for other fields, it contributes to creativity.

Do you still make the more conceptual items that you made for art exhibitions some years ago next to your collections?

Yes, whenever I have the time I like to design more conceptual items for exhibitions and shows.

Do you know the people who wear your shoes?

Yes, I know some of them. My studio is close to one of my stores and I visit it very often.

What skills do you need to be a shoe designer?

A good technique and a lot of imagination.

What shoe of any other designer would you have wanted to have made yourself?

Maybe some of Alexander McQueen's shoes. I appreciate his work very much.

Do you always work alone or are there also cooperations with other (fashion) designers?

My collections are very personal. I usually work alone on one or more subjects which interest me for a certain season.

What do you hope to achieve with the label Shani Bar?

I want this label to grow and to stay an interesting and creative brand, that combines fashion and a unique design with my personal handwriting.

Where do you see yourself in the future, in about 5 years time?

I want to continue doing what I like to do the most: shoe design. And I would like to have more brand stores around the world.

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