Thursday, August 10, 2017 - Creative Sole, Japanese Sneaker Culture is a book by Manami Okazaki that looks at Japan’s prolific presence in sneaker culture globally. Creative, covetable and cool, Japanese sneakers are some of the most highly sought after in the world today, with an incredible amount of designers, collaborators, artists and makers, all infusing their creative energy into this multi-billion dollar industry. This book includes hundreds of sneakers from the hottest Japanese designers, and collaborations ranging from the crazy to the chic, to vintage, rare and Japan exclusive items.
Creative Sole: Japanese Sneaker Culture
Creative Sole: Japanese Sneaker Culture

From Asics/Onitsuka Tiger’s Olympic archival items, to the entire portfolio of mita sneakers collabs, to historic Japan-made sneakers sourced from the vaults of Tokyo’s super collectors, this comprehensive book will thrill all lovers of design and fashion.

Included are over 350 sneaker photos, including collaboration kicks with a wide range of creators, from designers such as Comme des Garçons, street wear label BAPE, Nintendo game characters, artist Takashi Murakami, Hello Kitty to skaters like Christian Hosoi.

Interviews with famous designers, artists, creative directors, athletes and ad agency W+K provide exclusive contextual information into the world of kicks.

About the author
Manami Okazaki is an author and journalist. She has produced 10 books (coffee-table tomes/ visual culture collectibles) on Japanese culture, art, crafts and fashion, which have been widely acclaimed by international media. She specializes in traditional Japanese culture, popular culture, travel, style, fashion, and subcultures. She is one of the best-connected English speaking journalists for Japanese subculture material. Her long-term projects are represented in her books.

Her journalism commissions have taken her to explore anarchists in Greece, Lucha Libre in Mexico City, surf culture in Puerto Escondido, Paris fashion week, Muay Thai in Bangkok, HIV Buddhist temples in Lopburi, architecture in Berlin, and so on. An avid traveler, she has been to over 50 countries and has written countless travel stories both internationally and within Japan.

Published by Kingyo Limited
Europe: August 2017
Book size: 23 x 79 x 108 mm
Hardcover: 280 pp.
Photographs: 350 color
Text in English
Price: € 29.99/$ 31.59

ISBN: 9789881250728

Photo sneakers 'Koi morph' by Yoske Nishiumi.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 - The brand nat-2, based in Munich Germany, with its 7th generation creative director Sebastian Thies has risen from one of the oldest shoe-dynasties in Europe. In 2006 the family celebrated their 153 years developing and supplying shoes, materials and accessories. Every season they launch new innovative products like the world’s first 2 in 1 shoe. The Nat-2 transformer shoes and bags are the ideal holiday products for travelling light.
Travel light with Nat-2
Travel light with Nat-2

Due to their job and location the designers are travelling all year long and they know very well what they like to carry with them. They combine design in Munich, innovative and finest quality materials from Italy with German engineering and craftmanship. and why bring four pairs of shoes if you have one that can transform from sneaker to slipper? Nat-2 is the original inventor of the patented 2 in 1 shoe. This design received various international design awards and has been declared to be 'One of the 50 shoes that changed the world' by the British Design Museum in London.

Nat-2 also collaborates with different brands in music (Wu-Tang), in the movie and gaming industry ('Transformers' and 'After Earth') and in traditional fashion (the Bavarian brand WOLPERTINGER) to create new innovative products.

Nat-2's unique 4 in 1 sneaker has received several international design awards and is one of the most creative products today. Due to its special, patented system, the shoe can convert into 4 different heights. owning more than one pair of the same size allows to interchange upper and mix materials and colours. The shoes are super comfy and come as a full set including the shoes and 3 pairs of uppers in a nice, transparent suitcase-box.

Nat-2 has developed in collaboration with WOLPERTINGER and an Italian facotry the first rainboots made from leather. They are made from 40% fine leather and 60% rubber. With a patented method the rubber and leather get combined to be one, keeping it 100% waterproofed (just like any common rainboot). The leather comes from small parts of leftovers of famous luxury brands, which are too small to be re-used for accessories. The process is not only an all new way of recycling but also brings a unique vintage-look to the material which makes the shoe very luxurious and high-end.

In cooperation with WOLPERTINGER Nat-2 created the stylish Jumper Bag that can be doubled within a second. Ideal for shopping and travelling as well as an everyday accessory.

More shoes by Sebastian Thies at the Virtual Shoe Museum.

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