Arsho Baghsarian: A Life in Shoes by Helene Verin

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 One of the most important shoe designers of the mid- to late twentieth century, Arsho Baghsarian spent more than four decades working behind the scenes for prestigious companies. Written by Helene Verin, professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

About the book
Companies with men’s names on the label, including Christian Dior, Andrew Geller, Israel Miller, and Stuart Weitzman, as well as Shoe Biz.Her creative genius is illustrated in this photographic collection of full-page sketches, prototypes, and production pairs that she donated to the Fashion Institute of Technology.


Monday, February 11, 2019 Shoememory is designed to make the traditional memory game a refreshed experience. The concept focuses on shoe design, it's history & ethnography. It is based on the memory game system, allowing 1 to 4 people to interact directly. The game contains 2×18 cardboard cards that show the iconic image and name of the shoe type in four languages. There's lots of information that will enrich your knowledge about shoes.

Throughout the game, all ages can experience the history of the world’s most well-known fashion accessories, their favourite features and functions – including legendary models made by designers and customers as cultist in the 20th century. During the game the designer invites all those who want to associate the well-known memory game experiences with useful and trend-sensitive knowledge, and those who are committed to the traditionally-conscious, form-sensitive and unusual line of footwear.

Vienna Crazy Shoe Award 2019

Sunday, January 20, 2019 The Vienna State Guild of shoemakers and orthopedic shoemakers, will hand out the 'The Crazy Shoe Award 2019' in Vienna on April 24 2019. Europe sure needs more crazy shoes, so you (when based in Europe) are invited to join the competition and send in your registration form until February 11 2019. The ‘Crazy Shoe’ must be received by March 13 2019.

Award for the Crazy Shoe 2019 Vienna: conditions for participation:

Vienna State Guild of shoemakers, Rudolf Sallinger-Platz 1, 1030 Vienna.

All establishments’ shoemakers, shoe designers, shoe manufacturers from Europe.

Authorizing the participation of the piece
The shoe design must be wearable (women size 35-41, men’s size 39-47) and must be made by the participant.

Number of competition entries
Each participant may only submit one pair of 'Crazy Shoes'.


Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 01, 2019 We wish you a very happy, inspiring New Year with lots of new shoe adventures! At the moment we are working on the new version of the website that will be optimized for tablets and mobile phones. Next to this we are working on new shoe material for the website, various museum projects (involving hats and handbags next to the shoes), image research for the Workman Shoe calendars 2020. And this spring we have shoe lectures planned in Terschelling (NL) and in Belgium.

Overview of 2018 projects

Lecture - Materials day - Dutch Shoe Academy, Utrecht, NL

Judging - Craft the Leather, Milan, Italy
Shoe exhibition - HIGH HEELS, Die hohe Kunst der Schuhe, Lichtenwalde, Germany

Col-lec-tion creating of a giant boot at Dutch Shoe Academy showroom at C.A.S.T., Nieuwegein, NL
Col-lec-tion fair Buy & Bloom, Nieuwegein, NL

Lecture - Thessaloniki Shoe Museum, Thessaloniki, Greece

Judging - Dutch Shoe Academy, Utrecht, NL
Judging - SASK, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium



Wednesday, October 10, 2018 A set of illustrated shoe cards with an instruction booklet to discover yourself via all types of shoes. Written by Birgit Faschinger-Reitsam and illustrated by Sabine Paul. Learn more about yourself though these cards. A perfect gift for fiends and shoe lovers!

Shoe cards with tips and recipes for body, mind, soul and feet

See, walk and admire!

Monday, September 24, 2018 Saturday 29 september at 16.00 the Virtual Shoe Museum and Paper Art & Design organise an unique exhibition about paper shoes. An exhibition about fashion, the environment and paper shoes in the headlights of our cultural history. What can you expect? A complete research for a wearable and circular shoe. Chinese offering paper shoes. Boots, stilettos and slippers made from vintage paper. Cardboard sneakers. And more to see… so come, see, walk and admire!

Participating designers and artists of See, walk and admire!
Petra Beins, Marloes ten Böhmer, Jennifer Collier, Naoto Fukasawa, Peter Jakubik, Heleen Overbeek, Marielle Wichards, Tea Petrovic, Don Kilpatrick, Mark O'Brien, Jurjen Semeijn, Benyamin Tesfai, Elisabeth Thorsten, Marie Verstegen and Lenie Voortman.

Paper Art & Design!
A gallery, shop and workshop for art and objects made out of paper. It is situated in what was formerly Vroom Modemagazijn established on Weimarstraat in 1936 and is now the new centre for art and culture in The Hague.

Gumshoe - for the sole purpose of clean streets

Monday, August 06, 2018 Amsterdam introduces the Gumshoe, a sneaker with soles made from chewing gum taken from the city’s streets. Designed in collaboration with the companies Publicis One, Explicit Wear and Gum-tec®. The sneaker is meant to raise awareness of the city of Amsterdam’s gum litter problem in a creative and positive way.  

See video

The streets of the Netherlands accumulate about 1.5 million kilo’s of chewing gum annually! Costing the Dutch municipalities millions of euro’s to remove and clean it. With gumshoe, the Amsterdam metropolitan area aims to stimulate its citizens with a surprising innovation.

Publicis One and Gum-tec® developed a new type of rubber made of chewing gum, which local shoe brand Explicit Wear used in the design for the sneaker, finished with the map of Amsterdam visible on its sole.

Jan Jansen Shoe Treasures at Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem

Monday, May 28, 2018 Jan Jansen Shoe Treasures sequel at Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem. Designers and artists from all over the world honour the iconic shoe designer Jan Jansen with unique works of art that have been designed and made specially for the Jan Jansen Shoe Treasures project. Every work of art is inspired by shoes in the private collection of Jan & Tonny Jansen. On show at Rozet in Arnhem. From June 2 till July 31 2018.

Jan Jansen Shoe Treasures at Rozet

Jo Cope at YKK London Showroom

Tuesday, May 08, 2018 Jo Cope’s window display at the YKK London Showroom is an official part of London Craft Week, with an opening night party and live performance to be held on 9th May. Exploring the complex subject of love and its parallels with addiction and relationships, Cope’s collection will be on display until 25th May 2018.