Klavers van Engelen

Klavers van Engelen

Dutch designers Klavers en van Engelen have worked together since 1998. Initially they made very experimental clothes, a gown with a stole that was actually a big pair of pants, a jacket with five sleeves, garments that looked like they were blown sideways by the wind. Totally conceptual fashion with which the Netherlands during that time put on the map. In 2002 they quit their label. They had a great come back collection in 2009, in which abstract versions of the old Dutch millstone collars were they eyecatcher, it was clear that Klavers van Engelen had remained their sophisticated and distinctive handwriting.

In their latest collections, they experimented with rectangular flaps; dresses that consisted of two rectangles, but thanks to carefully placed seams were refined, dresses and suits where a smooth rag against it are blown. Aside from fashion duo also designed the costumes for the theater companies like Mug met de gouden tand and Oostpool or pianist Tomoko Mukaiyama. Since 2011 Niels Klavers is Head of Fashion at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.


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