Sacha Lannoye

Sacha Lannoye

By placing the product in a certain context, it causes a totally new association. This recognition, by using archetypes, meanwhile distance by context sets your mind at work, which can lead to awareness. With my products I let people see through my own astonished, ironic view to the world around. Even if you don't buy my products, they must stick to your mind and give you something to think about. So the products must speak for themselves.

The message I would like to pass is that people spend to much time at superficialities as looks and your appearance to the world. This, grown out of proportions, attention for the aesthetics and the outside can be recovered in society in all kinds. This shows by the degree of products, magazines and television-show alluding to improve what way a body looks like. But also products, who are offered as a status-symbol, to impress others, overrule the market. This need from consumers is extremely exploited and encouraged from various angels. Even in a way that people get frustrated, because they can't measure up to this applied, impossible picture. So the behavior to focus on the world outside overrules the market.
To much focus on the world outside, fires negatively back to the inner world. People seek inner peace by looking at the outside, and let the world outside decide their route, to inner please.
This cycles can be broken if their ridiculousness will be revealed by the mean responsible, by the creators of this development, for example the designers and advertisers themselves.
Confronting people in this way, will show them that there are people from the inside world of creators, who think different than mainstream, which gives consumers a choice.
This can accomplish that people become aware of their own individualistic power to make a difference instead of surrender to the combined mass power called industry.

In my products I question the peoples willingness to obey society, even if it doesn't satisfy themselves.
This by overdoing the power of the forced ideals, hidden in products, to make people buy more, to be more.
This in hope that people see the ridiculousness of it all.

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