Shoe Crush at the BurJuman Mall in Dubai

Sunday, November 01, 2015 During the Shoe Crush month, during November 2015, an artistic exhibition from unique and innovative shoes curated by the Virtual Shoe Museum in cooperation with CELS Events are on display at the BurJuman Mall in Dubai.

Shoe Crush at the BurJuman Mall in DubaiShoe Crush at the BurJuman Mall in Dubai

The exhibition hosts sixty pairs of unique and bizarre shoes that were inspired by nature, iconic architecture, fine art and fashion trends. These pieces of art are designed by notorious designers and students from all over the world, known for their creativity and bold stance, due to the fact that they enjoyed expertise in different creative streams such as fashion design, engineering, fine art and others.

The exhibition embeds the innovative concept of shoes craftsmanship by shedding the light on the artistic dimension of this industry, away from its consumption nature. It also represents a unique opportunity for footwear fans to take a sneak peek on a wide range of non- traditional shoes that attracts those who appreciate distinction.

The heart of the collection is the design of the shoe in its purest form: no matter whether it is wearable, but is essential that stimulates imagination and in all this, a good dose of humor is helpful.

BurJuman Mall
Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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