Zush (psuedo-name for de Alberto Pornacido) a contemporary Spanish Master artist, whose best known work is influenced by the magic-surrealist creations of the movement DAY AL SET.

'Shoes Or No Shoes' is a project developed over the course of the past 20 years by a Belgian couple of shoemakers, Pierre Bogaerts and Veerle Swenters. They decided to make a connection between their profession and art by means of collecting the shoes of famous artists. Many of these artists transformed their shoes into an artwork or donated a drawing or a painting involving shoes or feet. The SONS-museum includes a contribution of Arman, Baselitz, Fabre, Kabakov, Kippenberger, Oldenburg, Richter, Wesselman … among many others. The permanent exhibition is located in Kruishoutem - Belgium.


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