Shoe hybrid

Annie Foo

3D printed shoes, a combination of two ‘opposite’ footwear icons, a flat slipper and a glamorous high stiletto. A new footwear creature, highlighting the endless clash and desire for both looks and comfort. In using ‘Gravity Sketch’ (also employing virtual reality), she has been able to design and then 3D print her high-tech, fashionable shoes on a HP Multi Jet Fusion 4200, 2019

Foo: ‘The world doesn’t need more shoes but it deserved innovation. Coming from fashion industrial background, I’m determined to explore innovative methods of making  whilst merging style with desire to help reduce the impact fashion has on the environment. I’m fascinated by the combination existing footwear manufacturing methods with modern technology and materials to create something ‘new’ for the future.’

Photo’s by Annie Foo Design.

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