NDE Skates

Benjamin John Hall

Part of ‘Birth, Life, Death and Resurrection’, a seven piece collection of handmade ‘functioning’ footwear pieces.

The collection is presented in a 30 second teaser edit and full length film where the shoes undergo physical processes relating to the themes. Amniotic sacs are opened and umbilical cords are cut. Shoes become alive, they breathe, they grow, they die and are even resurrected in fire.

The work touches on some of the extreme differences in people’s attitudes or beliefs surrounding our experience of birth, life, death and resurrection.

Birth: Amniotic Boots, Umbilical Geta.
Life: Turbulence Boots, Ascension Wedge.
Death: Refraction Boots, NDE Skates.
Resurrection: Lazarus Wedge.

© Benjamin John Hall

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