Boris Hoppek

Street art and graffiti artist.

Boris Hoppek is the son of Horst and Heidi Hoppek. Born 1970 in Kreuztal, a little village in Germany were he mostly never visited school. As a Hippy-community Baby he tried his first weed and was on parties, festivals and concerts before he could walk. Later, as an Hippie 2nd Generation, he was living in the forrest, hunting animals and building things. Then with 11yrs he shocked his hippie-family with his first computer, a Commodore VC20, when most people didn`t knew what a Computer is. Sometime between this and that he found a Bukowski book in the Bookshelf of his grandparents. After school Boris learned as a Technical Tracer in a factory, mostly reading books and drawing on the toilet. Meanwhile he started 1990 with Graffiti and just 1994 with Girls. Aha!! And more than 10 years he was too stupid to follow correctly the registration-orders of the Military. It took several years to recovering from school and find back to what he is best in. Now he mostly refuses to communicate.
Wear lace up front sneakers and sublimed walking shoes for light comfortable shoes.

By Boris Hoppek

Cardboard sneaker

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