Dani Foroux

The Sofia is not merely a shoe. It is pure Art: fusing the comfort of sneakers with the elegance of stilettos. The result is a unique silhouette, a modern artifice, 2018.

Artistic director Dani Foroux credits his mother as the primary inspiration. Therefore the shoes carry her name: ‘Only the perfect silhouette can have my mother’s name.’
In addition Foroux wanted to craft a shoe that the modern woman could wear during a full day. In other words, the modern woman would not have to switch shoes during the day, in order to be dressed for a specific event. Thus, the Sofia is designed to be worn throughout the day, regardless of the occasion one attends, the silhouette is designed for work, dinner and after party.

Material: premium leather with a Velcro strap.
© Dani Foroux

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