Daniel Jacob

Daniel Jacob’s artistic practice began in Chicago in the early 1990s – a prime time to come of age in any American city. Always sculpting, painting and drawing as a child, the city and its surroundings proved to be an ideal atmosphere for creativity. As the child of Russian immigrants and an observer of those around him achieving the so-called ‘American Dream,’ Jacob always strived for something more, something bigger, something that could allow him to make his mark on the world. He did this by working hard – harder than anyone. He started his first retail store at 15 years old, which was just the beginning of his entrepreneurial pursuits. Before he entered his twenties, Jacob was at the helm of a thriving business. But over the years, as his business acumen developed into a sharp tool – his artistic creativity was always right under the surface, pulsing, waiting to emerge and take shape. Before long, his artistic development was evolving in parallel with his business acumen. Jacob traveled the world, slowly cultivating a deeper understanding of humanity, allowing him to better see the interconnectedness of everything. Always experimenting with crystals, stones and other natural materials, Jacob honed his craft into what it is today. Leaving the business world behind, Jacob intends to focus mainly on his artistic craft.

By Daniel Jacob

Golden AJ (Air Jordan)

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