Fluidity shoes

Dóra Ivonn Paulovics

Part of the Blurred lines/Fluid matters collection, 2017.

Inspired by a short story written by American author Gregory McGoon, called The Royal Heart. The story revolves around a transgender prince whom on his 16th birthday finally transforms into who he always wanted to be: a princess.

The tale is about love and acception as well as gender identity and its various forms. For this project, my main point was to visually represent my thoughts about this very sensitive and significant topic, showing a diverse interpretation on the matter through my work. My idea of gender is that it’s fluid; it cannot be reduced to only two opposing points (a man or a woman) – there’s a spectrum in between and out, and gender identity can be experienced in many various ways, thus the fluid-like shapes of the concept shoes (made of silicone by hand), and the blurred nature of the patterns.

© Dóra Ivonn Paulovics

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