The Shoe Artifact 1

Georgina Goodman

The Shoe Artifact 1 is a limited edition of 3, 2014

This butterfly shoe artifact is a recently completed sculpture inspired by a shoe that I designed for a film project (The Big Shoe…watch this space).

The narrative of this piece runs like this… Imagine an alternative ending to the Cinderella story… she loses her shoe whilst trying to escape before the clock strikes 12…The shoe lies undiscovered on the forest floor…Cinderella is left in her impoverished state albeit happy with her one perfect night…The Prince doesn’t get his fairy tale ending…. The glass slipper is claimed by the roots of the tree and adorned with beautiful butterflies… A perfect moment stolen and frozen in time.

This artifact is part cast resin and part hand carved walnut with real butterfly specimens that have been re-hydrated, set and mounted.

© Georgina Goodman

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