Part of the final project ‘Personal space’, 2015.

During the textile studio of Academy of Architecture Art and Design in Prague I was dealing with shaping personal space. A personal space to me is a metaphysical value that takes into consideration not only the notion of shape and surface but also usage of appropriate non-toxic materials. Therefore I chose to work solely with natural goods – leather, wool felt and beech wood. I invented a system of wooden pegs omitting the use of glue so that the pegs could interlock mechanically. The result is flexible, yet firm. The massaging function of the felt sole is activated by the pressure of a foot stepping onto it. The location of the wooden points is based on acupressure and reflexology. The aesthetics have an Asian twist to them reminiscent of the Indian Padukas.

© Karin Říhová, photo by Tereza Havlínková.

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