The Androgynous Consciousness 

Kayla Donaldson

Part of the collection ‘Connect by Consciousness but Controlled by Consumption’. A Balance of Masculine and Feminine. I created this shoe to speak about the genderlessness of the soul. Of the things that we all crave a need to live. Love, hope, safety, appreciation are all things that we need to live well. People need different amounts of these things but we all have the same needs and are unified at our core. Consumption plays on theses needs without ever really fulfilling them. We consume to forget or feel alive but neglect the things that we can’t ever live without. Like pac-man we consume and consume to fill that hole, that missing piece but no matter how hard we try, we always fail. Then repeat. 

I used both masculine and feminine elements in the shoe. The silhouette was feminine and the soles and heels are masculine. The cords are added to symbolize the connection between both of the elements. Each side both red and blue with accents of orange and green respectively to be balanced by the yellow pipe heel. The masculine and the feminine both exist in harmony which symbolize how a balanced person need to master both traditionally masculine and feminine traits to be stable and effective. 

Materials: E-waste, interior of old cords, rejected perforated automotive leather, old mens shoes soles and heels and yellow pipe scrap.

© Kayla Donaldson 2019.

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