I Ashi Bionicus

Liam Fahy

Inspired by Bjorks Music video ‘All is full of love’ by Chris Cunningham and the 06/07 trend of Apple I-pods, toyota I-series, I robot etc.

The concept places emphasis on purity in simplicity and form through clinical colour and minimal construction. The exo-skeletal structure is comprised of 10 pieces of vac formed gloss plastic thus reducing on conventional toe puffs, counter stiffeners and requires no lasting. The interior is comprised of neoprene only exposing a single 1 cm stitch and thus eliminates conventional fastening, lining and padding,
while the sole is a simple black resin.

As the foot is placed into the shoe, the elasticity of the neoprene expands the shoe, hence ergonomic seams in the plastic, and when the foot is fully inside the shoe, the neoprene tightens retracts around the foot to fit like a sock. The seams are carefully placed to allow for movement in key ergonomic areas of the foot maximizing comfort, flexibility and movement. The design won the 2006 Linea Pelle Footwear Award in Milan.

© Liam Fahy

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