Stylist Cynthia Altoriso: 'I always loved your black mule ever since I saw it on your foot at Marie Antoinette party that I did. As a matter of fact, I was haunted by it's beauty.

When Vintage magazine booked me to set the 'funeral dinner' table to illustrate the story on France's first food critic, Alexandre Grimod, circa 18th century, a bell went off.

Though the editor only wanted the table, I asked her if I could arrange for some 'detail' shots. I knew that Grimod, despite his infirmity, was popular with the ladies and had a mistress.
Though the magazine did not want to bring in any people for the 'funeral dinner' set, I wanted to at least suggest the presence of guests. The most important guest would be Grimod's mistress. I wanted to have her foot peeking out from beneath the table so that her presence would be somewhat ephemeral…

I know you have names for all of your girls and you offered me to come up with a name.'

The name 'Dolorosa' is a derivative of Dolores and you know how I love my 'secrets and connections to the stories that I do… Dolorosa means sadness, grief… we get the word 'dolorous' from it which means pain, sorrow, mourning….

The purple macaroon at her foot was from the funeral dinner."

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