Marita Huurinainen

Marita’s passion is working with different materials and design fields, constantly trying out all possible limits. Her products always have something to say, with meanings beyond trends. She wishes to be able to deal with general issues and make a difference through her designs/art.

The starting point for her in the fashion collections is always a shape. “When I start my design, I take a piece of material and make a three-dimensional shape by hand as a sculptor. It is only later that I draw a picture of it; and this in itself generates a result that is out of the ordinary.”

Beauty is a real value, which makes our surroundings nicer and benefits the general wellbeing. However, all products have to be functional in the means they are built for. Good products have these two quality requirements fulfilled.

Marita Huurinainen has a Masters degree from the Design department in the Helsinki University of Art and Design. She works as a designer in the industry for various companies, produces her own avant gardistic collections, and designs unique evening wear for individual customers.

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