Big Blahnik Girl

Matthijs Sluiter

The poster image for the Dutch literature festival ‘Het Voorwoord’ (the preface), with as theme The Human Zoo features a pig wearing ultramarin/turqouise/purple Blahniks. I’m not so sure she’s actually wearing them: after drawing the pig halfway, leaving the feet (paws) unfinished, I replaced the toes with – quickly googled- blahniks. She is standing on shoes without having feet. Maybe she is dreaming herself Blahniks as a means of materialising her great and gracious and light-weight self-experience right that moment. Who knows. We all have an appearance on the outside and an inner self-experience which don’;t necessarily pair. This huge, pink, voluptuous lady is a star for now. After finishing the drawing another thing stroke me: she has a kind of Virgin Mary-look in her eyes as we see in paintings, a virgin look all-over, that actually does not at all match her shoes. High heels are not for good girls. But hers are blue: the virgins colour.

© Matthijs Sluiter

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