Phèdre Calvados

Part of the ‘Reslience: Limited foot scaffolding’’ collection, 2017.

This powerful and dramatic collection aims at highlighting the parallel between the experience of pain and the idea of pain. What our mind visually assimilates as painful is explored through the use of optical illusions, by suggesting a manipulated body posture as well as potentially torturous objects.

‘Superego’ relates to corporeal punishment induced in order to rectify attitude. Such corrective method would supposedly implement personal choices and strengthen individuality. In psychoanalysis, the superego is the part of the identity used as a model in order to correct moral behavior, which is passed on from our parents and the society. The rows of vertical metal bars suggest a possible unpleasant fitting. The whole mid-foot and arch are supported by a few beveled brass rods following the footbed shape. The front of the foot is forced into position and held by a front ‘stopper’ vertical rod. The wearer is here confronted to a full sensorial experience. No soles, shanks or mid-foot support is part of its composition.

Material: LSL Nylon print, brass, 3D semi-flexible print, printed veg tan leather and sapele wood.

© Phèdre Calvados

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