Sebastian Thies

nat-2 & TRANSFORMERS – Dark of the Moon

For the cinema premiere the of mega-blockbuster TRANSFORMERS 3 – Dark of the Moon in July 2011 innovative shoe- and accessories brand nat-2, based Munich, Germany launched a capsule-collection of matching transforming sneakers.

The third TRANSFORMERS movie 2011 was produced by Steven Spielberg, directed by Michael Bay and starring hotshots like Shia Le Boeuf, John Malkovich, Patrick Dempsey, Tyron and supermodel Rosie Huntington Whitely let the movie become a hollywood highlight.

The collection, created in cooperation with TRANSFORMERS is based on three special editions of the already well known nat-2, world’s first Stack 4 in 1 Sneaker. All styles are unisex and available for kids, women and men in sizes 34-46. There are two hero versions matching to the good autobot characters BUMBLEBEE and OPTIMUS PRIME as well as a model fully dedicated to superbad guy and decepticon boss MEGATRON.

Each style is pimped with TRANSFORMERS logos, lining and matching colourways according to the movie character. On the high upper even the characters silhouette is printed. Every pair/set comes in a limited, transparent and re-useable collectors suitcase-box and contains a pair of slipper sneakers, three pairs of uppers in different heights and second pair of different coloured and long laces. Just like the TRANSFORMERS cars transform into roboters, the nat-2 sneakers transform, through easily putting or changing the uppers within seconds, from slippers to low-cut, mid and high cut sneakers. In addition, all uppers can even be flapped and worn in different ways. Once the owner was able to hunt for a second pair of the same size she or he can create his own individual and unique style throught interchanging and using the countless possibilities of the different coloured parts.

The nat-2 Stack 4 in 1 is an instant classic, already in museums (Essen, Singapore), having won the Red Dot Design Award and was nominated for the Federal Design Award of Germany.

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