Melonia Shoe

Naim Josefi

The Melonia Shoe project is a vision. A collaboration between industrial designer Souzan Youssouf and fashion designer Naim Josefi.

A vision about an ideal society where the individuality of each person is in focus, but also a strong fellowship that unites us. We are trying to trigger new ways of thinking about consumer products by including the product in an industrial ecology, with the help of Rapid Prototyping. When giving people the freedom of choice we hope to nourish their imagination and at the same time be more responsible for their material usage. This project is created to send a message of strong optimism and give room for imagination on how to utilise materials in the future. To demonstrate the cradle to cradle thinking, and close-loop system we made the Melonia Shoe in one material, nylon, which is a very strong and durable synthetic material. The regular shoes of today mix various contaminated materials and has no value after usage, and this is something we strongly wanted to avoid. The system also enables a new way of owning where the object is subordinate to the materials worth.

The Melonia Shoes were shown at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden.
Sponsored by Materialise and Top Notch Design with printed prototypes.

© Souzan Youssouf and Naim Josefi
Photo’s by Andreas Larsson and Daniel Stigefelt

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