Create a shoe but from extraordinary and utterly unexpected materials. This was the brief given to four different artists for the new advertising campaign for GDS March 2012. And the creative results are indeed both individual and extraordinary.

It looks like a fairytale, almost supernatural – as if not of this world. With his “feather shoe” artist Stefan Laskowski has accomplished a both unusual and very appealing piece of work. “I wanted to use a material that is as unsuitable and improbable for footwear as it gets with a view to enhancing the shoe in a dazzlingly poetic manner,” says the Cologne artist and adds “With its airiness the feather shoe produces precisely the impression that observers should have when watching elegant women in filigree pumps: that they are floating.” Though there was absolutely nothing “airy” about the development process because painfully achieved interim results ran the risk of being “crunched” by the next stage in the process. “Achieving airiness is often the hardest thing to do,” says Stefan Laskowski. After working for over 20 years as a freelance painter and sculptor he knows what he is talking about.

© Agentur Feuerland, photo Ernst Alexander

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